SINGLE // Snap! :: The Power ((Power Paws Moombahton Remix))

“The Power” is a staple jam in my DJ sets — nothing represents the 90’s hot-pants dance and the energetic, uptempo funkiness of the Jock Jams era than this song.  I didn’t have to listen to this song to know it was an essential to have — and thankfully, Power Paws did a careful job of transferring this into a moombahton jam.

Snap! :: The Power (Power Paws Moombahton Mix)

Power Paws turns out the be a cousin of XXXChange, a Brooklyn producer you may know through his beats for Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, and Kid Sister.  This appears to be the only song Power Paws has out — we hate to have back-t0-back posts with producers we can’t learn anything about, but sometimes that’s just how buzz works.

XXXChange :: SoundCloud
XXXChange :: Tumblr
XXXChange :: Twitter


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