SINGLE // Dafuq :: Move I Make

SoundCloud stumbling has led us to an unexpected producer from Norway: Dafuq.  “Move I Make” is a solid dance track that basically does everything right, balancing trance-y beauty with electro crunch and an expert tailoring of seductive (and semi-androgenous) vocals.

Dafuq :: Move I Make

We wish we could tell you more about Aksel Hassel, other than he’s from Oslo and picked a pretty awesome name.  Speaking of awesome names — while we were doing research to find out if Askel is a male or female name, we discovered Askel is Old Norse for “divine cauldron.”  Watch out, we got a badass over here.

With only two tracks on SoundCloud, no other pages, and virtually no following yet, our only guess is that he’s under 15 years old and is going to make consistent electro tracks like these until someone blows this kid’s rep up.  Unless we’re missing something, this is very solid electro.

Ed. note — After posting, we have learned that Askel is a 20-year-old producer who graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (founded by Paul McCartney). He is actually a hip-hop producer that started making electro a couple of months ago. 

BONUS — More of Dafuq.

Dafuq :: You Got Me Feeling


Dafuq :: Facebook
Dafuq :: SoundCloud
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One comment on “SINGLE // Dafuq :: Move I Make

  1. Love both tracks 🙂 Got addicted to “You Got Me Feeling” when it was released a couple of months ago! Now “Move I Make” is basically on repeat on my iPod! Whop WHOP! 😀

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