REVIEW // Feed Me, Kill The Noise, Bro Safari, Jontron at the Ogden

Feed Me, Kill The Noise and Bro Safari took Denver to planet Electro and back again last night at the Ogden.  UFO was there on a mission to get down, get dirty, and rave hard… we have returned today with the spoils of victory in the form of some very sweaty, smelly, and thoroughly danced-in electro-garb.

The music was not particularly groundbreaking.  We have been seeing this same kind of show played out in the EDM scene for a couple of years now, but the energy in that room was easily as wild as we’ve ever seen it get in the Ogden, wilder even than the Wolfgang Gartner  and Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 sets.

It seems all of Denver, (and Vail, and Ft. Collins, and Co.Springs… there were some pretty dedicated fans there last night) came out last night to get dirty.  The ravers, the goths, the punks, the metal heads, the rastas… many of the sound tribes were represented there to experience hard-rocking electro craziness.

Jontron started things off with a bang, playing fidget and glitch electro from artists like Wolfgang Gartner and Nicky Romero.  Already, glow-sticks were being deployed by ravers to my left and right, and the dance floor began to grow and thrive.

Set breaks were brief, with the music pausing only for quick introductions. Bro Safari took helm at the controls and steered our dance floor into a moombahton-induced frenzy.  Hip-hop sub bass-lines, crunchy whomping, and that way-too-sexy 108 bpm tempo combined to the aural delight of the now sweaty crowd.

Kill The Noise took the stage and proceeded to bring the pain with his signature heavy-metal thrashing dubstep and high-energy maximalist electro.  More crowd-favorite tracks came from Zedd, Porter Robinson, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody remix? check.) and Kill The Noise‘s Jake Stanczak tossed the room around through dubstep to moombahton to electro to jungle and back to dubstep.  CDJ problems? No problems for this man — he just tells the CD player to fuck off and plays a new track, determined to keep the temperature and humidity level of the room rising considerably.



Sweat was most assuredly beading on the walls and ceiling.  Then the curtain dropped, and everyone found out what they really meant by ‘With Teeth.’

Feed Me is standing in the middle of a giant grimace-shaped LED rig, complete with a full set of devilish teeth screens and evil eyes.  The first synth line is triggered and the eyes begin to flicker on, growing brighter and more intense and the synth picks up… then the beat drops and the screen explodes in color… the crowd responds with a beastly roar.

Feed Me‘s set took a much more anthemic and progressive turn than the previous sets.   The music got very groovy and funky at times, but then it would revert to the monstrous growls and writhing mechanic bass-lines that characterize the little gremlin’s sound (actually he’s really not all that little…).  The entire set and show was very reminiscent of a Wolfgang Gartner or Deadmau5 live set with visuals; the model of heavy original track production paired with a stunning and completely unique visual rig seems to be gaining some clout among the live-electronic acts.

I’ve rarely seen crowds go as wild at the Ogden as I did last night, who were obviously digging on the whole production.  At the very least, the audience seemed to be intensely happy with the show… though completely and utterly spent might be more accurate descriptors.   And sweaty.  Very, very sweaty.



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