FEATURE // An-ten-nae :: Acid Crunk EP 9

Acid crunk is back!  San Francisco’s An-ten-nae isn’t too busy doing his LowRIDERz thing now onto Acid Crunk EP 9 (oh, how the time does fly) which was released on Beatport April 9th, everywhere else April 23rd.

Other than being the undisputed acid crunk king, An-ten-nae is also a champ at working around a vocalist.  XOchitl (pronounced so-chee, not ex-oh-chittle) is his next subject, and she lends a very passionate edge to a warm and fuzzy banger that can leave a smile on your face.  Even though “We Got The Power” was apparently recorded in an underground cave, both versions are full of sunshine and fresh air.

Among the two “We Got The Power” mixes, An-ten-nae added three original tracks to the EP. “For The People” is the standout; hearing about two seconds of the vocoded vocal and we already knew it would be good.  This one is clearly going to go OFF in a live setting.

BONUS — Don’t forget to download this free remix of “Fuck Up The Fun” from Azealia Banks.

An-Ten-Nae :: Azaelia Banks X Diplo – Fuck Up The Fun (Acid Crunk Remix)

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