SINGLE // Sub Swara :: You Don’t Know

Brooklyn production duo Sub Swara has a very unique sound that mixes harmonious textures with grinding distortion, creating a glitch/dub stew spiced with world influences that are heated until they boil over.  They are releasing The Rudiment Mixtape on May 1st, and “You Don’t Know” is the first look at what is in store on the new album.

Sub Swara :: You Don’t Know

If you had to point to a single track that captures everything Sub Swara, “You Don’t Know” would not be a bad choice at all.  That may or may not be an Amy Winehouse vocal sample, but if it is, it just further proves that the group can take almost anything and make it either (a) heavy or (b) spicy.

FYI, Sub Swara got their name from a monthly club night in Brooklyn that carried essentially the same motto, bringing in artists such as Mary Ann Hobbs, The Glitch Mob, The Bug, Bassnectar, and Poirier, melding bass music of all creeds and cultures.

BONUS — XLR8R just got their hands on the second track from The Rudiment Mixtape. “Smoke Riddim” is exactly that, a spacious dub with a Brazilian rhythm driving it along.

Sub Swara :: Smoke Riddim

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