SINGLE // Mosca :: Bax

There’s a lot of times that you will hear a song on the radio or in a mix that you really, really like, and the track name just slips through your fingers.  That can be really frustrating, but as a DJ, it’s torture.  Especially when it’s a track whose bass rolls and pulses on a level of cool that defies gravity, like this one from London-based producer Mosca.

Mosca :: Bax (Original Mix)

I heard this track in an essential mix, and for whatever reason I didn’t check the tracklist at the time, so I forgot to go back and look for it.  Luckily, my friend who has a proclivity for Garage, Jungle and UK Bass brought “Bax” to me on a silver platter with a helping of a dozen others like “Spacewalker” by F that were just as chill.  This is just the kind of track that’s going to be defining the ultra-lounge and chillout section of my DJ set this summer.


F :: Spacewalker (Original Mix)

Mosca :: Facebook
Mosca :: Twitter
Mosca :: Beatport

F :: Beatport


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