FEATURE // Samples :: Chill Works Vol. 3

Boulder homie Ben Samples is back with another installment in the Chill Works series.  We gotta show love for everything Sample-d, and couldn’t be more proud as we watch him blow up to a national level, but Vol. 3 takes the producer further into the realm of calm and clarity as he’s increasingly known for bro-ing hard in the paint.

Taking Chill Works Vol. 2 a step further, Vol. 3 pulls itself even tighter against the sound of smooth R&B jams set to step rhythms, and there’s nary a lazer in sight.  Definitely appropriate for post-party makeout sessions, Samples works most of the tracks with the “screwed” sound (no pun intended), slowing down the tracks to the speed of cold honey.  “Motivation to Screw” is the best example of this, but other standouts are the trace-step vibes on his remix of Imogen Heap‘s “Hide & Seek” and Florence & The Machine‘s “Only If For A Night.”

If you haven’t already, check out Samples‘s major-label debut on MalLabel Music, Life of the Party.  “Bred2Party” can be found as a free download on SoundCloud.

Samples :: website
Samples :: Bandcamp
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Samples :: SoundCloud
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