FEATURE // Tipper :: Puzzle Dust EP

With around a dozen albums out within a fifteen-year career, and anywhere between producing one of the first EDM albums made specifically for surround-sound or creating the world’s loudest car, Tipper is no less than a bass maestro.

He’s made breakbeat and hip-hop albums before (Tip-Hop is especially well done), but the Puzzle Dust EP is a return to his true identity.  No one can do it quite like Tipper — few can get as weird, no one gets as loud.

Tipper :: Puzzle Dust

Tipper :: Jook

Tipper :: Scabbler

Tipper :: Off Kilter (VIP Mix)

Buy the album from Addictech.

It’s a relief to finally have this album.  We first heard “Jook” in a live mix and immediately had the image in our head: a floor full of fans getting straight-up monstrous, stomping around like they were made of five tons of nightmares.  If that doesn’t sound fun, you’re definitely not a big fan of Tipper.

But we believe he’s doing it absolutely right.  You gotta get weird with it.  Our original draw to dubstep (probably the closest relative to Puzzle Dust) was that it made you dance like a monster.  The mental images it created were portraits of bass monsters, shawdowy beings with sawtooth grins who whispered your darkest fears in subwoofer tones.

There are still producers who can turn sound into bass monsters, but there’s been a combination of pop influences and general oversaturation that have edged that quality out of normalcy.

Puzzle Dust sounds like a true bass monster, a creature in the speaker.  And like all bass monsters (at least the best ones), it’s funky.  Bass monsters are undoubtedly funky creatures. Tipper is a bass scientist — he would know.

Tipper :: website
Tipper :: SoundCloud
Tipper :: Facebook


2 comments on “FEATURE // Tipper :: Puzzle Dust EP

  1. I spend a lot of time trying to find Dubstep that isn’t cookie cutter, and a lot of time not finding any. Thanks for sharing this, this is a lot of fun to listen to. I love the breakbeat influences here. Those ARE breakbeat influences, right?

    • Breakbeat is where Tipper got his start as a DJ, and many people don’t know the dude can scratch a record with quite a bit of skill. Puzzle Dust is probably more glitch-hop than anything else, but breakbeat and glitch-hop have a pretty fuzzy border between them, anyway. Glad you dig it! If you ever get a chance to see Tipper do NOT pass it up. Tipper strongly believes in sound fidelity and is an official rep for Funktion-One speakers (some of the most beastly speakers in the industry). Stay tuned for our interview with him — he believed in the “unified funk option” before we ever thought of it.

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