SINGLE // Aucan :: Save Yourself ((Ambassadeurs Remix))

One of our favorite low-key bass producers of the moment, Ambassadeurs, just reminded us early this morning about their remix of Aucan‘s “Save Yourself,” released as part of the Black Rainbow Remixes this Februrary.

Aucan :: Save Yourself (Ambassadeurs Remix)

Aucan is an Italian band that we weren’t familiar with before this track: from what we understand, they are like dubstep for math rockers (and not the other way around).  Ambassadeurs (Brighton-based producer Mark Dobson) gives it the gentle, loving touch that define his sound, but there’s plenty of other EDM elements buried inside it behind the pleading, indie vocals soaked in space pads and reverb.  The song goes in a completely different direction than you’d guess from the first 30 seconds, and that’s the best and the worst part about it.

Black Rainbow Remixes is due to release sometime in April.  In the meantime, check out this mix of the album, with tracks from the likes of Shigeto, Scorn, and Robot Koch.


BONUS — Download 2010’s Ambassadeurs EP for free if you haven’t already.

Ambassadeurs :: SoundCloud
Ambassadeurs :: Facebook
Ambassadeurs :: Twitter

Aucan :: website
Aucan :: Soundcloud
Aucan :: Facebook


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