FEATURE // WALA :: Kalikutta

WALA is a San Franciscan and Burning Man veteran who makes some outstanding psy-world grooves.  We wish we had the foresight to catch her at a Re:Creation event at Cervantes last January, since it doesn’t look like she’s coming back to town any time soon.  However, right at a time when we were hungry for some soul-filling psychedelia, we stumble upon WALA and the release we were looking for.  Is that karma, or are we reading too much into it?

Kalikutta is a three-track release that is not one to miss for glitch-hoppers or anyone who digs a little Indian spice in their bass music.  Feel free to preview and download the tracks here (or on Bandcamp here), but if you do, make sure you stop by her SoundCloud or Facebook and show some love!

WALA :: Ik Onkar (WALA Remix)

WALA :: Boliyaan (WALA Remix)

WALA :: Lakar (WALA Remix)

“Ik Onkar” is the first track we heard from Kalikutta and our favorite. The beauty of the Indian vocal harmony leads to a deep-space blastoff and creates an ornate, spiritual vision of old-school dubstep paranoia.

Both “Boliyaan” and “Lakar” are heavy glitch-hop tunes, and we can’t shake the similarity we hear to Ben Samples.  We really started feeling “Boliyaan” at the 1:38 mark when it hits a steady stride, but without the shifty rhythm that dominates the rest of the track, it wouldn’t be nearly as glitchy and definitely not as authentic.  Why would you ever play world-inspired tracks and confine them to a 4×4 beat?

Funky, beautiful stuff here.  Check out WALA’s SoundCloud for tons more where this came from!

WALA :: website
WALA :: Facebook
WALA :: SoundCloud
WALA :: Twitter


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