SINGLE // Sunsquabi Releases Next-Level Track in The Untz Challenge III

In their latest move on the road to success, the homies Sunsquabi (Kevin Donohue, Andrew Clymer, and Chris Anderson) have released an absolute fucking HEATER for The Untz Challenge III – entitled “Scopin’ For Love” – and it is guaranteed to blow you away…  with soul-piercing guitar solos, soul-soothing bass lines, awesome electronics and a really unique old-school Ratatat-ty vibe; the elements of this song blend so perfectly together, bringing us just another reason to love the Sunsquabi boys.  These boys are going places… and to get there, they need your help!  Support the homies and help them win The Untz Challenge III!!



“Hey everyone! We need your help!

Here’s how to vote:

Please visit

In the top left corner, there is a pull down box which asks:
“Who should win The Untz Challenge III?”

All you have to do is scroll down to #11 SunSquabi

Fill out a few simple forms with your email address (to prevent cheaters and bots)

Then click Vote!

We will release this track as a FREE download when the voting is over.


We will release an entire new FREE album if you help us win!

Much love,

SunSquabi and Team”


Your thoughts?

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