FEATURE // Gemini :: Fire Inside EP

If you are even remotely familiar with Gemini, you already know that the 21-year old producer from Leeds knows how to go hard.  Right now he’s on tour with KOAN Sound, and that, if anything, is indicative that Thomas Slinger (awesome last name) has his sights set on the horizion.

Slinger has done amazing things within the span of a year, ever since his Blue EP took the dubstep world by storm in 2011.  It didn’t take long for big-name producers to catch the scent and get in line for a Gemini remix or collab.  That’s great news, of course, but the challenge for every up-and-comer is to establish themselves with an equal amount of captivating original work.

Gemini :: Fire Inside EP

Fire Inside is yet another stepping stone forward, and each of the four tracks offers something a little different. Gemini fans are likely going to relate best to the industrial-grade grime of “To The World,” and the much more gentle liquid vibes of “No Way Out” build up to big melodic dubstep euphoria.

But the title track is dance floor fuel, and offers one of the biggest suprises — the main groove is split in halves, the first half sounding like prog house and the second half with waves of distilled dubstep.  That doesn’t sound all that exciting when you read it, but the way they seem to belong together is the real magic. The vocals from Greta Svabo Bech (vocalist on “Raise Your Weapon”) definitely adds the finishing touch on this mega-powered banger.

Throw the haunting acoustic piano sounds of “Nothingness” into the mix (we’re 99% sure that’s him playing), and you’ve got four reasons why Gemini is a force to be reckoned with.  He could find plenty of success sticking to his Blue EP sound, but if you have the drive to be different, no reason to hit the brake on it!

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