FEATURE // VibeSquaD :: Ruthless Rabbit ((Single Pack))

VibeSquaD is on some next-level shit with his Orphan Alien material. Yesterday, our man Aaron Holstein dropped a piece from the second installment to the Orphan Alien collection, a set of songs driven by Aaron’s processed vocals and an updated pair of robot ears. We were very pleased to post his remix pack a while back, but “Ruthless Rabbit” is another animal entirely.

If you are expecting the pudding-laden funk that VibeSquaD is best known for, the original mix of “Ruthless Rabbit” will take you by surprise with it’s hyper-cruise electro groove.  It’s not the sounds themselves that are foreign, it’s the fast-paced energy that threatens to leave you behind.

R/D and Freddy Todd bring more laid-back vibes to the track: the R/D remix makes the most of a beautiful melodic frame and -step rhythms, and Freddy Todd’s remix is probably closer to the “VibeSquaD” sound than the original. However, we wish Holstein nothing short of  godspeed as he moves forward with his sound.

The slightly nonsensical up-pitched vocals (that we now recognize as the “orphan alien” after appearing all over Orphan Alien Pt. 1) may disenfranchise fans from these new tracks.  However, show the instrumental version to any of your friends who are VibeSquaD fans and see how many people realize it’s a VibeSquaD track. We never would have guessed it ourselves, and that just makes us respect him even more.

We knew he was talented, but clearly he’s capable as well.


VibeSquaD :: website
VibeSquaD :: Facebook
VibeSquaD :: SoundCloud


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