FEATURE // Gramatik :: #digitalfreedom

Word is buzzing around that Gramatik is second in line for the PLM throne. We’ve been in support of the rise of Jasarvic the Crunk, and just when we thought there weren’t enough crazy releases bouncing around the blogosphere today, we get hit with Gramatik’s next big move to the top: #digitalfreedom.

Download the 6-track album for free from Pretty Lights Music or support Gramatik through Beatport.

He may be a little late to jump on the dubstep bandwagon, but #digitalfreedom is bursting with Gramatik’s take on it.  And just like we swooned over his self-described experimentation, the house-driven Expedition 44, we just nod in agreement now when we see Denis Jasarvic conquering another piece of the musical landscape.

No Shortcutshad its dubby moments, but this one goes headfirst.  And as we knew he would, Jasarvic doesn’t plunge into it so blindy that he forgets the funk (or the live guitar) that he is increasingly claiming to be his. (The intro to “Talkbox Intended” gives it away — “dubstep sounds in the funk”).  “23 Flavors” is an impressive interpretation, and “Illusion of Choice” borders on eDiT-style production.   “Solified” proves he can make the same tracks open enough for an MC, and “Fist Up” is a return to electro-hop form.

“Born Ready” is a glitch-rock banger and a half, charging forward with Justice-like swagger that makes it a top choice musically and perhaps the best representation of the fuck-The-Man attitude.

In case you didn’t pick up on the social cause behind #digitalfreedom (hint: it has to do with digital freedom), check out the album preview video that makes it clear where Gramatik stands on SOPA and PIPA.

Gramatik :: website
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