SINGLE // River Gbeh :: 16 Mars

Spring break might be over for most of us here in Boulder, but that does NOT mean we will cease to take it easy and enjoy some mellow vibes.  During our adventures across the SoundCloud universe, we came across River Gbeh and discovered an incredibly sensual instrumental hip-hop track.  The “River Gbeh” is an actual river in Liberia, and this track fittingly sounds like taking your most comfortable piece of inflatable furniture for a trip down stream.

River Gbeh :: 16 MARS

As soon as that sax line comes in, you know it’s about to be sexy time.  The chords that follow are absolutely exquisite, and the sense of space that comes from the reverb make this track seem as if it goes for miles and miles.  We are clearly in the presence of a producer that knows his way around a keyboard, and though details on this mysterious man are sparse, we will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases.

In the meantime, check out his free River Gbeh EP, featuring a handful of originals and remixes (including the track below).

BONUS — River Gbeh :: Suah

At this point, we understand that his name is Paul and he’s apparently from the Polynesian island of Tuvalu.  We also believe that this video may be evidence of him rocking a soirée on said Polynesian island.

River Gbeh on fire from Dino on Vimeo.

River Gbeh :: SoundCloud
River Gbeh :: Twitter
River Gbeh :: Tumblr


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