SINGLE // ChrisB. :: What’s a Halfstep Among Friends?

There has been crazy amounts of Facebook love for ChrisB. in the last 24 hours, and we’re joining the call to get this guy some more visibility.  “What’s a Halfstep Among Friends?” is one of two singles the L.A. producer recently released, and both are bleeding with that Colorado melodic bass sound.

Download the tracks here or from Bandcamp.

Chris B. :: Whats a Halfstep Among Friends?

Or is it a West Coast sound?  Whichever it truly is, it exists, exciting speakers so gypsy electro maids and mindful psy-gansters can get down.  Purple psy-crunk that will catch the ears of anyone with an ear to the Colorado bass scene.

BONUS — Chris B. :: Lush

“Lush” is technically the lead single of the two tracks, but it’s difficult for us to decide which of the two is better.  “What’s a Halfstep Among Friends” is more simple in construction, but “Lush” is definitely a more custom-tailored track (the glitched-out hammer dulcimer is a really nice touch).

Simplify Recordings is one of the consistent providers of such music, and if you didn’t know already, check out their site for consistent melodic bass goodness.

Chris B :: SoundCloud
Chris. B :: Facebook
Chris. B :: Twitter


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