SINGLE // Archie Cooper :: Wolf Moon ((Realigned in 3/4 Time))

Archie Cooper released a second track as part of his latest Wolf Moon collection; “Wolf Moon (Realigned in 3/4 Time)” is a gently smoldering fire of a track that belongs in a film-noir western.  It’s your choice whether you simply recognize the sinister aspect to it, or connect to it completely.

Archie Cooper :: Wolf Moon (Realigned In 3/4 Time)

This music defies the notion of sampling old soul sounds simply to gain some quick substance.  This actually sounds like the blues, and Cooper’s sound thrives between the worlds of downtempo electronica and blues.  His appreciation for old, soulful sounds is obvious (no surprise that many of his chosen synths sound like an organ), and the touch he applies to the glitches and grinds keeps them from sounding completely digital.  Tom Waits would slay it on a collab with him.

BONUS — Archie Cooper :: Have Mercy

If the blues half of this formula really excites you, check out If I Had Train Fare…From Archie: “Simply put, I have a lust for the blues and nobody does it like John Lee Hooker. He’s the man, straight up. So, I made an album to honor his life and incredible career. If you haven’t already, you’d be doing yourself a favor to check him out.”

Be sure to check out Archie Cooper’s website and SoundCloud for plenty of free music!


Archie Cooper :: website
Archie Cooper :: SoundCloud
Archie Cooper :: Facebook


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