FEATURE // Ital Tek :: The Planet EP

Ital Tek (Alan Myson) is back with a spectacular release, The Planet EP, a four-song album that takes the trending sounds of juke into an absolutely psychedelic realm of spacial tones.  Check out this minimix to get a taste of the EP and introduce yourself to this Brighton producer.

One of the terms we throw around a lot in these parts is “hippie bass,” which is exactly how we describe the scene at Sonic Bloom and consequently how we view anyone who wears nothing but LRG.  If that sounds about right to you, allow us to present Ital Tek‘s “hippie juke,” which combines the fast assault of kicks and toms with the new-age spirit-chill-ality.  There’s something distinctly “in touch” about tracks like “Radon Cry” and “East District,” the latter of which is a stunning trip of a track that pulls at you from one direction with the fast-paced production and from another direction with the tubular synths that bring to mind early MiM0SA psychedelia.

Head over to Boomkat to pick up your copy.


Ital Tek :: SoundCloud
Ital Tek :: Facebook
Ital Tek :: Bandcamp
Ital Tek :: Twitter


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