SINGLE // Voltron :: Pharmacodynamics

Belgian-based trio Voltron just caught our eye recently, compelling us to share this darkly lit track from a few months back.  “Pharmacodynamics” is a heavy take on UK Funky, building a jittery street energy that begins with police sirens and only adds more layers of paranoid rhythm.

Voltron :: Pharmacodynamics

It’s almost been a year since Volton’s Freshmen EP came out on Discobelle, a significantly brighter set of garage tunes.  “Pharmacodynamics” sound far different, bringing a crunchy lazer bass line into the otherwise contoured synths and samples.

Do you remember Voltron, the cartoon?  That was our shit back in the day.  Voltron was the original Power-Rangers-super-robot, and kinda looked like the statue of liberty but made out of lions instead of dinosaurs.  The Voltron pilots even wore color-coded outfits corresponding to their robot, but they did it without the weird racial undertones.  The villians were gnarly too, and the Robeast they’d fight at the end of the episode (I can’t believe I remembered that without Google) would always shoot from space in a giant coffin, and burst out and have twenty-foot metal spikes for nipples?  Cartoons are never going to be that cool again.

But we digress.  Voltron (the Belgian trio) is someone we’ll be checking in with again.  Definitely have a listen to their Jean Nipon remix below: the remix (and the original) is part of their “10 Secret Ingredients” Beatport chart, showcasing some of their recent picks from their corner of the electronic universe.

BONUS — Jean Nipon :: Girl Complex (Voltron Minimalist Refix)

Voltron :: SoundCloud
Voltron :: Facebook
Voltron :: Twitter


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