PHOTOS // St. Paddy’s Day & The Polish Ambassador @ The Fox (3.17.12)

We may have spent all of Saturday basking in Irish vibes, but we were definitely Polish by night.  The Polish Ambassador came to his former hometown of Boulder for his first headlining show at The Fox Theatre, something he made sure the audience knew was a source of pride for him.

Just like 4/20 shows, there are always concerns that most people don’t make it past 10pm.  It doesn’t help that we personally encouraged some lewd behavior at The Goose throughout the day.  But as a testament to either the resilience of TPA fans or the man’s ability to jump-start a party, this became a surprisingly rowdy dance party.  The energy wasn’t much different than the last time we saw TPA — when he opened for SAVOY at the Fillmore last November — but this time around he’s cruising through space funk with a new co-pilot.  VJ Liminus provided the visual backdrop for the show with plenty of fractal color explosions, movie clips and reverse-action shots (the best being TPA struggling to ride a tricycle across a street).

Most of the music itself was dominated by a steady assault of kick drums, driving the set through a heavily electro set.  It was almost too much to take, but right at the crucial moment Polish dropped it into second gear with his “Regulate” remix.  The buildup was perfect and everyone stayed right on cue, and from that point the energy was give-all.  After four shows in four days, Polish had to cut it off at 1 am — however, that didn’t stop him from shaking hands and taking pictures with fans until the Fox had to throw everyone out.

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