FEATURE // Zeds Dead and Omar LinX :: Victor

Omar LinX and Zeds Dead paired up for a free release that finally sees full form today.  Another heater coming from Mad Decent‘s Jeffree’s sub-label,  Victor plays out like an Omar LinX mixtape, exclusively featuring Zeds Dead tracks and classics like “Rude Boy” and their remix of “Eyes on Fire.”

The Zeds/Omar combo seems to be meant to be — Omar brings the underlying darkness behind Zeds Dead beats to new life, and on the flip side, there’s tons of room within the beats for an MC and it doesn’t sound muddy or overblown.  Zeds hip-hop chops are surprisingly good, and especially on tracks like “No Prayers” and “Coffee Break,” they’re straddling between dubstep and hip-hop so fluidly that it seems entirely possible for hip-hop to take the place of pop’s place in dubstep.

There’s no doubt Zeds Dead knows how to bang, but the best moments are the smoked-out chillers like the “Eye on Fire”-inspired “Jackie Boy 2.0.”  This is surely going to confuse the line between “chill” and “banger” for some. Download the seven-song album FOR FREE from Mad Decent.

Zeds Dead :: Soundcloud
Zeds Dead :: Facebook
Zeds Dead :: Twitter

Omar LinX :: Website
Omar LinX :: Facebook
Omar LinX :: Twitter


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