FEATURE // Project: Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Box Collection

Project: Mooncircle is a German-based label that is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a gigantic collection of tracks.  Names like Mike Gao and Ichiro_ stood out to us at first glance, and tracks from Heatshotboyz, 40 Winks and Arts The Beatdoctor (among others) sucked us in.  Truthfully, we didn’t come close to previewing all the tracks on the 46-song release prior to writing this, but we’re stoked on the possibilities of the compilation and really look forward to digesting all the experimental beauty on it.

Four tracks are available for free download (from here or Bandcamp), so there’s no excuse NOT to take a little bit of Project : Mooncircle home with you.  Our favorite from the four is probably “Pictarus,” a smooth-skinned mutant of dubstep and juke.  It’s way heavier than the other three freebies, one of those being a very Bonobo-esque world-chill track from Blossom called “Tiffkas” that almost borders on Pretty Lights circa Taking Up Your Precious Time.  The Robot Robinson (Robot Koch and John Robinson) track is a beautiful music box beat sprinkled with spoken word echoes, and London downtempo virtuoso Om Unit  brings us on a lonely space voyage with “Naiad.”

EAN :: Pictarus

Blossom :: Tiffkas

Robot Robinson :: Wave

Om Unit :: Naiad


Project: Mooncircle :: website
Project: Mooncircle :: Soundcloud
Project : Mooncircle :: Bandcamp
Project : Mooncircle :: Facebook
Project: Mooncircle :: Twitter


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