SINGLE // Photek :: No Agenda

We came across a free Photek single last week that we must share with you now.  Straight from Photek’s recent DJ-Kicks mix,  “No Agenda” is a 7-minute adventure into the cosmos, cruising along at autopilot lightspeed and revealing the majesty of time-stretched space.

Photek :: No Agenda

Photek (Rupert Parkes) has been in the game for long enough to earn respect as a fixture of 90’s UK jungle scene, and curiously he’s also credited with adding momentum to the “intelligent” drum & bass genre (that would be ID&B?).  “No Agenda” is a beautiful composition and sounds very retro-modern, recalling some of the more indie-influenced electronic producers in the game making chillwave-inspired house tracks.

Photek :: website
Photek :: SoundCloud
Photek :: Facebook
Photek :: Twitter


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