SINGLE // Mister Tweeks :: Addiction

Mister Tweeks and Pelican Fly make their UFO debut today, two names we were glad to encounter recently.  Tweeks is a Belgian producer who is making some pretty spectacular beats, and “Addiction” is a freebie from himself and the Pelican Fly crew that is rightly amping us up.

Mister Tweeks :: Addiction (Original Mix)

It’s bouncy space trap with a big build/drop layout and a large but quirky kind of hook.  The bleepy-bloopy synth definitely takes you a little by surprise, but it’s the precision layering of all the smaller pieces that make this track a standout.  It took us a few listens to notice things like the pitch-bent bed squeak or the varieties of backfiring lazer effects, but right away we recognized we were dealing with a top-level producer.

Be sure to check out Mister Tweeks latest, his Neva Change EP on iTunes, and definitely pay a listen to these remixes for more of that Tweeks touch:

BONUS :: The Weeknd :: Rolling Stone (Mister Tweeks Remix)

Mz Bratt :: Selecta (Mister Tweeks Remix)

Mister Tweeks :: SoundCloud
Mister Tweeks :: Facebook
Mister Tweeks :: Twitter

Pelican Fly :: Facebook
Pelican Fly :: Soundcloud


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