SINGLE // Kraddy :: Ill Million ((ill-esha Remix))

ill-esha just fired out a Kraddy remix today that moved some gears in our head, adding some spice to Kraddy’s “Ill Million” and altering our perception of glitch-hop.  We got some lulz from the “Footfunk” tag on Soundcloud.  It sounds like what a twelve-hour rave does to the inside of Moon Boots, but the foot prefix (short for footwork, we think) more importantly made us think about the future of glitch-hop as footwork/juke and trap music are definitely trending.

Kraddy :: Ill Million (ill-esha Remix)

We’re pretty damn confident you enjoyed our recent Flosstradamus post, where you may have been introduced to the great potential of techno trap.  Juke/footwork music is like trap’s younger brother in a lot of ways — both are black subcultures that can easily begin to replace the hip-hop element in glitch-hop.

Kraddy :: Ill Million

Kraddy was one of our first gateways into glitch-hop back in his Glitch Mob days, so it makes sense that his original “Ill Million” would give ill-esha the canvas needed to push it into a new era of influence.  If you enjoyed our post on our Portland juke friends STYLSS from a few months ago, you are definitely going to enjoy this ill-esha remix.  There’s plenty of energy, but not enough to overcome what makes glitch-hop fun for the chill-minded.

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