SINGLE // Avicii :: Levels ((Harvard Bass Remix))

Harvard Bass hit us with a new remix today, answering the question, “how much mileage can we possibly get out of ‘Levels?'”  Or, the more evident question, “How much more can we squeeze out of that Etta James sample?” since that is the only similarity between the two.

Avicii :: Levels (Harvard Bass Bootleg)

At this point we think we can trust Harvard Bass not to fuck around and overly-complicate the overdone ‘Levels’ into something new.  God knows that anyone still remixing this song is already putting themselves in danger, but (standard ‘Levels’ remix disclaimer here) this one does it new justice.   Harvard Bass keeps it extremely simple with a minimal, funky bass whomp and a repetitive, hypnotizing vocal chop that hail back to the origins of house — not easy to take such a recognizable song and still manage to make it sounds like the remix belongs strictly to you.

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