FEATURE // Treasure Fingers :: Rooftop Revival Remix Pack

Is it coincidence that today we’re bringing you a summery Treasure Fingers remix pack and busting out our Birkenstocks for the first time this year?  We don’t think Mr. Fingers has the power of climate control, but things definitely now seem a little bit warmer in this part of the universe.

Treasure Fingers :: Rooftop Revival

Along with TF’s original “Rooftop Revival,” a bright but uncharacteristically glitchy and sub-driven track, this release comes with a solid variety of remixes from Bro Safari, Computer Club, Deep Future and Kastle.  The Kastle remix is definitely the most space-funky, but electro heads out there will probably agree that Computer Club is the one bringing this track to a new level.  The Bro Safari is a banger as well, switching it up with a mildly moombah groove and a rowdy, completely overdriven bass line.

Treasure Fingers :: Rooftop Revival (Kastle Remix)

They are all good in their own right — the best way to figure out is to decide for yourself!  Scion A/V has got the full download available for you.  Head over and swap your email for the five-track release and the radio-friendly “Rooftop Revival.”

BONUS :: Check out the video for Rooftop Revival here and see what the title actually means.

Treasure Fingers – website
Treasure Fingers – Soundcloud
Treasure Fingers – Facebook
Treasure Fingers – Twitter


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