SINGLE // Vanilla Ice :: “Ice Ice Baby ((Elfkowitz Remix))

STOP… collaborate and listen.  At least stop long enough to suspend disbelief and hear this remix from Elfkowitz, a prime example of polishing a piece of shit until it becomes a diamond.

Vanilla Ice :: Ice Ice Baby (Elfkowitz Remix)

There has arguably never been a more fake-sounding rap track ever written.  Vanilla Ice’s original “Ice Ice Baby” sounded less like ice and more like frozen yogurt.  It was catchy, sure, but could not possibly have been catchy enough to save it from becoming the ultimate white-rapper punch line.  However, there was apparently more to this track than we thought, and thanks to the power of dubstep, Elfkowitz has actually turned this track into an icy bass jam.  The recognizable guitar sample is still there but dipped in liquid nitrogen bass frequencies, and the sped-up vocals bring it to a new level of funky.

This is an old track, but Ian has just added a download link to Soundcloud and we had to spread the word.  Please visit his various pages and show him some love for the freebie!


Elfkowitz :: Soundcloud
Elfkowitz :: Facebook
Elfkowitz :: Bandcamp
Elfkowitz :: Twitter


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