FEATURE // Flosstradamus :: Total Recall EP

Chicago duo Flosstradamus recently put out a very exciting three-song EP through Mad Decent‘s underground talent-seeker Jeffree’s.  The duo, consisting of famed Midwestern juke-dance heroes Josh Young and Curt Cameruci, aren’t new to the scene themselves; however, the Total Recall EP is a very fresh combination of sounds we can’t say we’ve ever heard before.  All three cuts are big and anthemic takes on trap music, juiced up by 90’s power techno and vodka Red Bulls.

“MOTA” is a really unique track, remaining faithful to big hardstyle synths while sounding incredibly friendly to turntablist aesthetics.  Flosstradamus’ description of the EP as “post-apocalyptic trap” sounds really cool but it suggests that mixing techno and trap will somehow destroy everything — this doesn’t represent the end of the world more than it sounds like the beginning of a new one.

Download the entire EP from Mediafire.

Check out the video for Total Recall and Flosstradamus’ new world order:

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3 comments on “FEATURE // Flosstradamus :: Total Recall EP

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