PHOTOS // Dillon Francis and Dada Life @ Agave 3/3/12

There was a pretty hefty buffet of after-parties at Snowball 2012, but it was hard to argue that Agave wasn’t among the elite hotspots of the weekend for the dream-team pairing of Dillon Francis and Dada Life.  Two of the day’s hottest acts in one tiny Mexican restaurant together?  Seems to good to be true.

And, in fact, it seems that it WAS too good to be true.  We stayed on the festival ground for all of Snoop’s set but made haste to Agave right afterwards, and Dillon Francis had already taken the stage.  By the time that song was over, Dillon hopped on the mic in what seemed like an innocent “Turn this mutherfuckin’ bass UP!” kind of gesture that elicited cheers all over the venue.  Then he said something along the lines of, “No, really; if I don’t get more bass right now, I’m leaving after this song.”  Strangely enough, some people still cheered.  Everyone else was frightened at the idea, seeming to think to themselves, oh god, is this enough bass for Dillon Francis?

Now, before moving on, I want to mention that Agave is 0 for 3 with me in terms of flawless concert experiences.  I’m not going to be overly harsh, because the place is just a Mexican restaurant with a cool second floor and not Beta.  But with that experience, I knew that this was NOT going to be enough bass for Dillon Francis.  It didn’t sound great, but it didn’t sound horrible enough for him to leave paying fans without anything more than a quick “Sorry, that’s it, I’m out of here.”  I couldn’t care less if the sound guy called you an asshole Dillon, many sound guys are assholes themselves and you get paid to be famous and deal with that fact of life from time to time.

Anyway, I hope he comes back.  I’ll give him another chance.  A dozen people actually met him outside of the bathrooms and congratulated him on standing up for himself, so I know that’s another dozen people who D.G.A.F.O.S.

Meanwhile, the guys in Dada Life were frantically hauling their gear inside, yelling at each other in Swedish and stomping through the snow wearing t-shirts and carrying boxes of equipment.  A half hour later, Olle and Stefan got right to it and had everyone jumping around again.  A significant number of people left with Dillon, but Agave was comfortably full and the energy went right back up.  There weren’t any bananas in sight, but then again it didn’t take much to hop on the stage with Dada and act bananas anyway.

With so much energy they were bringing to the stage, Dada Life made the personal vibe of Agave that much more in-your-face.  It was crazy being that close to them, especially since the lights and fog would occasionally hide and reveal them again.  Dada rocked the Groove Tent, there’s no doubt, but seeing them this close was something else entirely.


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