INTERVIEW // Pierce Fulton ((Snowball Interview))

Pierce Fulton is a 19-year-old musical wiz-kid from up north in Vermont, said to be one of the best and brightest “Nu Skool” producers.  From an early age, Pierce had a knack for mastering any instrument he put into his hands.  He has played all around the world, with some of the best DJs this planet has to offer: support of his tracks have come from Tiesto, Above & Beyond, MYNC, and Max Vangeli just to name a few.

Pierce played an early set at Snowball and we were able to catch up with him before he went on stage.  We’re glad we could learn a little more about this rising star and teach you in turn, dear readers; in a year’s time, Pierce might not have the leisure of simply hanging out with us!

Piece, how do you feel being 19 years old and touring around the world at clubs such as XS and opening for Tiesto, yet legally you are not even allowed in?

It’s pretty wild.  I get out of class Thursday, then usually drive to the airport and fly wherever I’m going.  I’ll do my show you know — and it is in a totally different world than what I am used to — and then come back and I’m sitting in my dorm.  It’s a kind of just a polar opposite life style.  In places like XS it is kinda funny because they are super strict about me being 19, so I’ll have a bouncer with me all night. I mean it works, but it’s fun having a bouncer and all that.

Being a student and DJ at the same time, how is that dual life style treating you?

It kind of sucks.  I actually had a history test two days ago.  I played a show, came back [to Vermont], had to huff it and try to study for that.  I get through it, I mean it is tough, but I like it.  It’s refreshing though.  I get to escape school; get to do something else, come back, and its not like I’m staying at school sitting in the same place.  It’s nice, but it does get tough.

This seems like a pretty hectic lifestyle and yet you still are able to make time to record?

It’s hard.  I scheduled all my classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  So, I will usually go really hard on schoolwork Monday and Wednesday night, and during those days I’ll wake-up really early and try to get stuff done then, or on the plane; really whenever I can find time.  I figure it out.  It has been tough this year just trying to get stuff done, but I think when the summer rolls around it should get easier to get a ton of new stuff done.

So, I have heard from a mutual friend of ours that you’ve been playing multiple instruments since you were a little kid.  Can you tell me a little about your musical background?

I grew up playing guitar since I was a toddler and I love it and I play it, but I played trombone in my schools orchestra.  I love brass, so I have a lot of fun playing the Trombone.  I don’t really pick it up much anymore but I might when I have some time to actually breathe and do something else besides all this stuff.  The trombone is just different, unique.

Trombone, I never would have guessed that.  Did you ever try to incorporate those instruments into one of your originals?

Well, I incorporated a little guitar into stuff.  Like “For Me” has guitar that I recorded in it, and I do random recording and sample them into songs like “Pardon My French.”  I have never had a chance to do trombone.  It would be cool, though.

You have produced multiple hits over the past year, so now what’s on the horizon for Pierce Fulton?

I am trying to get a lot of originals.  Y’know, there can only be so many remixes.  They just pile-up.  So this year, I am really trying to push consistent output, anywhere from singles to a three- or four- track EP every month or so.  And we were trying to get one scheduled for like WMC and Ultra time, but it kind of got pushed back or whatever, but I think early to late April I will have a new original and some remixes in-between then.  I’m just always working so we will see what happens.

Life has been moving in the fast lane recently for the you and your brother, getting a release on Cr2 Records, support on from Tiesto on his Club Life Podcast, and Griff being a part of Complete Control. Is there a Pierce Fulton Club Life coming up in the near future?

Actually, I’m working on a radio show type of thing and I used to have a podcast when I first started out.  There was a nice little devoted following to it and people really liked it so now that I’ve gotten a bigger following I can start a substantial radio show.  It would be cool.  And maybe get on a station and see what happens.  We always play everything by ear, we always wing it; that’s how we roll.

Check out some of Pierce’s music!

Tiesto supports Don’t Be Afraid ((Pierce Fulton Remix))

Felix Cartel :: Domo ((Pierce Fulton Remix))

Pierce Fulton :: Who Want’s Spagetti? ((Original Mix))

Dirty South :: Coming Home ((Pierce Fulton Remix)) Download Link

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