SINGLE // T. Mills :: Hollywood (R/D Remix)

Very nice psy-crunk gem from R/D released today, boosting T. Mills “Hollywood” by doubling up on the electronic side and buffing it out into a blinding glare.

T. Mills :: Hollywood (R/D Remix)

The vocal edits in the beginning are ice cold; we were hooked by the thirty-second mark.  The original T. Mills track is solid in its own right, but R/D‘s re-treatment moves the vocals out of innocent teen-crush territory straight into psychedelic orgy.  It’s nearly impossible not to put this one side-by-side with MiM0SA’s “Days Go By” remix; both as seductive as they are ornate, marinating fully in the atmosphere before revealing the bass drop deep in the mix.

R/D has been heating up this week, re-emerging on our deep space scanners with his “Vision Vision” remix from a week back.  R/D has pumped out some killer music in the past, and it’s likely that with this recent return to true L.A. glitch style and poppy hooks, it’s only a matter of time before his notoriety hits the stratosphere.  Be sure to do some exploring through R/D‘s back catalog when you get a chance, you’ll be surprised at his versatility.

Loyal Divide :: Vision Vision (R/D REMIX)

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