FEATURE // Munchi :: Moombahtonista

The debut album has been a long time coming from moombahton maestro Munchi.  After years of rocking Soundcloud with acclaimed tracks and taking the helm of more than one subgenre, now the innovator has been picked up by Mad Decent and gains even more traction in the scene as Moombahtonista is earns hype as a landmark release.  It’s really too early to say Moombahtonista will be a cornerstone for everything moombah, but the release is a huge forward step for a producer who has been confidently striding ahead with this sound.

Munchi :: Sandungueo

Munchi :: Pero Que Lo Que Mujer

Munchi :: La Brasileña Ta Montao (ft. Angel Doze)

Munchi :: Toma Berimbau

Munchi :: Toma Essa Porra VIP (ft. DJ Blass)

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The five-track album is loud and rude, sparse and tight.  It’s also very authentic; there’s plenty of real percussion sounds and Spanish/Portuguese vocal samples, and naturally there’s also the trademark siren squeaks, vocal stabs, and house-y risers that translate it well to dance floors.  The big tunes of the moment seem to be “Pero Que lo Que Mujer” and “Toma Berimbau,” but “Sandungueo” and “La Brasileña Ta Montao (ft. Angel Doze)” are right up there in terms of energy.  The slow-burning “Toma Essa Porra VIP (ft. DJ Blass)” is a sneakier — but equally deadly — track that rounds it out with a slower tempo.

Moombahtonista isn’t challenging any boundaries; it’s refining them, setting a standard for the genre from a man who seems bred for the job (Munchi lives in the Netherlands and is of Puerto Rican heritage).  At the same time, it inspires a deeper exploration of the sound; we’re not going to say this is the best moombahton album ever created simply because we hope someone will soon have the stones to take this up to the next level.

For just about anything you’d ever want to know about MunchiGeneration Bass has undoubtedly written the definitive bio.  Check the link if you want to learn more about his history, the birth of moombahcore and get a TON of insider information.  Generation Bass lays down a strong case for Munchi being the original moombahton artist (Dave Nada‘s seminal track “Moombahton,” the track that started it all, was created as a mashup.  That means the door was open for Munchi to make one of the first original moombahton productions).

Moombahton is exciting because it promises to do for Latin influence what dubstep almost accomplished for reggae (dub).  Dubstep eventually steered away from the “dub” half of its namesake to become American bass grime, but those early dubstep remixes were so raw because they carried that Jamaican sound into modern electronic music.  That’s why Munchi is succeeding here: where others are stirring a boiling pot of dubstep and electro house and eyeing moombahton as the next ingredient, Munchi is keeping it real with the original recipe.

I KNOW WE HAVE READERS IN SPANISH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES.  Facebook tells me so — a bunch of you are in Chile, some are in Brazil, and there are plenty of others.  To those readers, PLEASE leave us a comment and let us know why you think reggaeton rocks.

To describe moombahton in a few words, we usually say “It sounds like Mexican rap that Afrojack got his hands on.”  Reggaeton-based music is a big deal in a lot of places, but it has NO pull here in Boulder.  However, there was also a time here when dubstep was just “that whomp shit,” or when house was just “untz untz music.”  It takes a little time for anything to culturally sink in, and we sincerely hope moombahton stays around long enough for Boulder to acclimate.

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