SINGLE // Tom Encore & Paszczak :: Lazer Fetish (feat. Kaspa)

Man, do I ever miss the heyday of lazer bass.  Inhereted from West Coast producers and driven by California transplants in Boulder, lazer bass paved the way for dubstep’s absolute takeover long before anyone used the term “whomp” or “wobble.”  Pew pew pew!  Haha.  When someone knocks American dubstep for being so different from its UK origins, it’d be foolish not to point out that glitch hop was to Boulder like DnB was to the UK; that’s how we got started with it all, and that “mid-range cack” was, in a sense, all we knew before bass culture began to grow from within it.

Tom Encore and Paszczak :: Lazer Fetish (feat. Kaspa)

“Lazer Fetish” is a gargantuan bass stomper and a great example of high-energy space funk, and it brings us right back the days when lazers were everything.  This track from the Polish duo is already a month old, but it was too good not to re-post.  First off, the tubular sounds of the bass mixed with the grin-inducing “opa!” sample are the stuff glitch-hop dreams are made of.  Then you throw in some off-kilter repeats and the sounds of Jabba Hutt preaching “Jesus Christ!”, and… yeah, that sounds about right.

(FYI, found this online: “According to the Triantafillidis dictionnary, [opa] comes from the turkish word “hop” that means “go, jump”).


Tom Encore – Facebook
Tom Encore – Soundcloud
Paszczak – Soundcloud


One comment on “SINGLE // Tom Encore & Paszczak :: Lazer Fetish (feat. Kaspa)

  1. Kaspa vocal says : ” All this is strange, so light up the spliff and don’t give a fuck, bitch !”
    peace !

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