SINGLE // Phetsta :: “Too Fresh”

We got a big one for you this fine morning.  Phetsta, the drum n bass and chill dubstep producer, brings us another banger.  Earlier this year he released the very popular “Run You Down ft. Reija Lee,” which was dropped in many DJ sets including Mimosa at the Boulder Theater.  Another popular tune that is definitely a favorite of ours over at Unified Funk Option is “Prism,” a heavy drum n bass track released earlier this year that blasts you through the galaxies.  This new funky yet deep beat doesn’t need the heavy vocals that “Run You Down” is known for.  Instead, this song drops hard with fast paced bass, and almost makes you feel as if you are being chased and about to escape out of a long, dark hallway.  Enjoy this tune, because if you’re as big of a fan as I am of Phetsta then this surely will not disappoint.

Two Fresh :: Too Fresh (Phetsta Remix)

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