PHOTOS // Bonobo at The Fox Theatre :: 2.24.12

Bonobo (Simon Green) is the UK-based master of vinyl and live performances who invaded The Fox Theatre this past Friday.  Having self-released his first album over a decade ago in ’99, the artist has grown to build an international fan base around his down-tempo and beat-driven music.

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The sophistication of Bonobo’s bass-lines and style in his DJ Sets are unmistakable: continual sampling of drums and percussion completely engulfed the dance floor-vibe at Bonobo’s show, and brought a distinctive old-school electricity to the venue unlike any other (perhaps it’s the fact that he spins his sets on vinyl).

Green‘s Friday show at The Fox marked his second return to Boulder in the past six months… and certainly not his last.  With acts Benny Loco and The Human Agency  opening the show and setting the tone to rage, Bonobo hit the stage with a packed crowd at The Fox eager for some of his heavy UK beats.  To call it a party would not do the show justice: this was – without a doubt – one of the better bass-heavy beat-downs we’ve seen in Colorado.

Kudos, Bonobo… we humbly await your return.

Check out Bonobo’s Boiler Room Mix,  released the day after his show at The Fox:


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