REVIEW // UFO presents Zoogma and Eminence Ensemble Trio @ The Fox Theatre :: 2.24.12

Last night marked what we hope will be the beginning of many returns to Boulder for the Mississippi/Tennessee-based band Zoogma.  The four-piece band and combined creative genius of Matt Harris (Drums/Live Sequencing), Brock Bowling (Guitar/Live Sequencing), Justin Hasting (Guitars/Synths) and Ryan Nall (Bass/Synths) produce an incredibly sophisticated jamtronica sound, while bringing the rage-your-face-off vibes often found at hip-hop and heavy metal shows.  With the Eminence Ensemble Trio starting off the night, we strapped up and got ready for a party that Boulder could not have expected.

The show began at 9pm sharp, with Eminence Ensemble Trio warming up The Fox.  This was the first show that Eminence has ever played broken down into a trio; with the room beginning to fill in, the boys experimented with a multitude of tempos and rhythms, improvising the whole way through.  Eminence Ensemble Trio is carrying the flag for Boulder’s live-band heritage… definitely do not miss these kids kill it at Snowball.

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With the crowd beginning to sway in anticipation at the end of set break, the lights darkened instantly, and Zoogma took the stage.  Right off the bat the band came out with guns blazing, stepping into a faithful live-band recreation of Sub Focus’ “Rock It.”  By the second song, the Fox was packing in: kids were fleeing the dance floor simply to call their friends with a “you got to see this!” energy.  From the second they took the stage to the end of their last song, the abundant electricity never stopped.  Brock Bowling and Justin Hasting never broke focus painting Zoogma’s vision on guitar, while Matt Harris brought some of the most on-point live drumming and sequencing that we’ve seen in a while as Ryan Nall slapped some serious bass and lethal synths.

Dropping some favorites off their freshman album Recreational Vehicles such as “Syllepsis”, “Incredible Machine”, “Jerry Diesel” and “Mr. Limbic” – as well as some new tracks, such as “M10” (one of our favorite jamtronica/hip-hop songs, period) and a few unreleased bangers.  This was definitely one of the more spectacular shows at the Fox that UFO has hit up, and we couldn’t have been happier to have worked with Zoogma and The Colorado Daily to make the show as impressive and awesome as it was.

For those of you who missed out on one of Boulder’s BIGGEST ragers this spring, be sure to catch them Tonight @ The Bluebird Theater in Denver, Tomorrow @ Hodi’s in Fort Collins or even at Monday @ Belly Up in Aspen for NO COVER  (18+).


To the boys of Zoogma… Cheers! It makes us proud to see a band as talented as y’all take off in Colorado, and last night was undoubtedly a show for the books. We can’t wait for your return to show Boulder exactly what the fuck is Zoogma.

Download Zoogma’s first album Recreational Vehicles for free, or check out one of their Wakarusa 2011 sets here:

Zoogma :: Wakarusa 2011 Live Set


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