FEATURE // Ginger Shinobi Presents MoombahDeep Volume 1

Ginger Shinobi, who we assume is a silent and freckled assassin, has put together another moombah-related mix for his family at Broken Drum Records.  After a wild Thursday night that left the UFO team a little scrambled, we find ourselves perfectly in the mood for some deep-inhalation low-key funk and we’re relieved to have stumbled upon “MoombahDeep Volume 1.”

Moombahton sits right on the lip of the melting pot that has already absorbed dubstep and electro house, but this mix proves a welcome versatility for the sound.  In fact, the Banginclude Moombahton remix of “Strut” is the only truly, indisputably “moombahton” track on here.  Everything else leans heavily toward the “ton” side of moombahton, and the overall effect is smoky and sophisticated; MoombahDeep Volume 1 plays out like a volume from Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz for moombahists.  Within that, there’s quite a bit of variety: Andy Kisaragi’s “Chromatic Night” is a standout, and the ghostly “Go West” from Disgraceland sounds far more menacing than the “The Numerologist.”  The words “deep” and “dark” are almost always synonymous, and things definitely stay a shade darker on the second half.

When we eventually open a seedy martini lounge in a jungle treehouse in Thailand, this will be on heavy rotation.

Ginger Shinobi :: MoombahDeep Volume 1


Ginger Shinobi – website
Ginger Shinobi – Facebook
Ginger Shinobi – Twitter

Broken Drum Records – website


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