SINGLE // Hands High :: “We Got The Swag” ((Bass Kleph Remix))

With numerous singles having reached #1 on the beatport dance charts, Bass Kleph has already established himself as a leader in the world of tech-house.  He started his career in a 3-piece rock outfit called Loki and now he is the boss-man of 2 record labels (Vacation, Exit Row).  His live performance is something of a legend as well, taking cues from his underground-rock-performance days and playing his instruments live and sometimes holding them above his head and playing them blind.  Bass Kleph is definitely the kind of DJ we would want to being with us on our interstellar ark of musicians to another galaxy (whenever we get around to doing that).

His latest remix is a great example of the focus he puts on the ladies of the dance-floor.  “We Got The Swag,” originally by Hands High, is a lady-killer.  Bass Kleph’s mastery of the low-end booty-moving sub combines with a somewhat Dutch house sound (drumline snares, pitching horn-synths, hip-hop samples) to produce a funky and bratty dance piece.  I mean, who doesn’t want to scream “we got the swag” in a crowded dance floor before dropping into the funkiest footwork this side of Colfax? Seriously.

We Got The Swag on Beatport

Bass Kleph – website
Bass Kleph – Facebook
Bass Kleph – Soundcloud
Vacation Records – website


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