SINGLE // Lil Scrappy – Big Boi ((Kaptain Cadillac Remix))

If you had a time machine, and decided to drop in on a sheltered French techno DJ from the 90’s and totally mind-fuck him with a Three 6 Mafia record, we imagine you would inadvertently create Kaptain Cadillac.  Part of the Booty Call Records family, KC is all about putting rap on a treadmill and jacking up the speed.

Lil Scrappy – Big Boi (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)

A ghetto-tech revivalist and clearly an American rap nerd, the Kaptain goes for the same absurd aesthetic that DJ IsaacDJ Assault, and the other ghetto tech/booty bass artists were going for back in the day.  But what they didn’t have was a generation of trap music to draw from.  That’s what makes “trap tech” an interesting genre, proving that ridiculous + ridiculous = fun.  You either have the energy for Kaptain Cadillac or you don’t, just like you’re either drunk at 5 a.m. or you’re not.


Kaptain Cadillac – Soundcloud
Kaptain Cadillac – Facebook
Booty Call Records – Soundcloud
Booty Call Records – Facebook


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