FEATURE // DAILON :: “As The Veil Dissolves”

San Francisco’s DAILON is a reliable source of head-feeding instrumentalism, and his newest beat tape, As The Veil Dissolves, is a generous offering of relaxation.  The release is eleven tracks of laid-back psychedelia and hazy beatmaking, and though each cut is sedated under heavy swells of bass and 8-bit explosions of chords, there’s no doubt that the best of them bang hard and could definitely benefit from an MC collaboration.  This is the music that will reinvent jazz for our generation, and DAILON succeeds at energizing this “chill” music beyond simple couch-lock soundtracks.  “Lightrays,” “LuvBlooms,” “GoldenSkies” and “Wondermeant” are definitely a few of the standouts.

DAILON :: As The Veil Dissolves

Download from Soundcloud here or get the whole release from Bandcamp (not all of the tracks are in this Soundcloud player). If you dig, you should definitely check out Dailon’s Soundcloud because there are more free compilations there than we can effectively dissect for you in this post.

DAILON – Soundcloud
DAILON – Facebook


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