SINGLE // Santigold :: “Disparate Youth”

Very nice, soaring track came from Santigold today, reaffirming that there is just something wholesome about the music the Brooklyn rapper puts out.  There’s endless comparisons to her and M.I.A. — and that will probably never end — but I’m convinced that Santigold will always outlast M.I.A. because the music just makes you feel good.  This is a really fulfilling blend of trap music meets punk bass meets world hymnal.  Good to see you back, Santi!  (You apparently now have a Soundcloud page).

Santigold :: Disparate Youth

Support on iTunes  —  Download link

There’s an animated video that goes with the song, sort of a glorified YouTube image that is pretty static but charming nonetheless.  Would have been WAY better if the kids were singing along.


Your thoughts?

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