SINGLE // Deadmau5 :: “Maths”

Big mau5 head just released this new tune last friday on his own Mau5trap label.  Maths is another prime example of the expert synth-patch work and highly techno yet highly dancey sound that Deadmau5 does so well.  In fact, this is one of those songs that really seems to throw you a curveball when you hear it live.  The lead synth, with it’s rising, pitching, and smooth computer-buzzing perfectly compliments the repeated hard signature mau5 house-beat.  This is one of his harder songs for sure, on par with some of his newer stuff like ‘Professional Griefers’ as well as some tracks off of For Lack Of a Better Name like ‘Bot’ or ‘Hi-Friend.’  It’s techno-quirky, chest-thumping candy in your heels.

Deadmau5 :: Maths – Beatport

Deadmau5 :: Maths – iTunes


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