FEATURE // SunSquabi :: Catastrophic EP & UFO.TV Release

One of Boulder’s big up-and-coming bass bands SunSquabi has just put out a defining release, Catastrophic. The seven-song release finds the young band coming to terms with their rapid repute, defining a sound, and making a stand for themselves as a force to reckon with.

Within a minute of putting on our headphones, the Ratatat influence leapt out immediately.  Therefore it was no surprise to see SunSquabi remix Ratatat’s “Loudpipes” and do it quite well — it’s more than difficult to improve on Ratatat’s signature, but borrowing from those soaring guitar melodies and adding a little bass pudding worked (as it also does on “Archeon”), and it’s the most identifiable theme of Catastrophic.

Ratatat :: Loudpipes (SunSquabi Remix)

SunSquabi :: Archeon

The Ratatat comparison is less to say that the trio is out to rip off guitar-driven electro, and more to say that they favor big, sweeping sounds over the meticulous technicality of jamtronica.  If you can credit them for anything (other than having a ridiculously rabid fanbase), they mainly try to stretch the corners of electro-jam enough to overlap, and right at the middle sits Catastrophic.  The album sees SunSquabi at a creative intersection, where it seems the dance-paced jams of their Global appearance are not their main focus, and that jam-step is where the group feels more comfortable.

K’naan :: Wave Your Flag (SunSquabi Remix)

Their K’naan remix of “Wave Your Flag” is a great example of this, a track going for that big sound that is surely going to be one of their big closers.  It may be the best example of jam-step, a genre which doesn’t exist but may become a thing if the Squabi crew is willing to carry that flag beyond Catastrophic.

So, it seems bassist Andrew Clymer hit it on the head when he told us previously that, “We’re not just looking to improve within a genre, but bring genres to connect and evolve through our progressions and group dynamic.”  One thing is for sure, these songs are going to pop in a live setting and they are strong enough to carry SunSquabi to the next level.

(Shout out to Kaila Spencer, nailed it on the artwork!).

Download the album from Sendspace.

Check out this video from SunSquabi taking home the title at the Waka Winter Classic… be sure to catch their performance at Wakarusa Music Festival this summer!


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