FEATURE // Deepblip’s Winter Compilation & Video

What did I just see?  What happened to my mind?  The last thing I know, I opened op Deepblip Record’s video mix to promote their Winter Compilation, and somewhere between the hypnotizing beats and a bunch of samurai scaling a castle wall, I blacked out and woke up on the floor, feeding a cat a stack of waffles.  We don’t even have a waffle iron here!  Or a cat…

Did… Deepblip just abduct me?

If you don’t already know the homies at Deepblip, let them abduct you, too.  Based out of Detroit, they are fielding some incredible talent pursuing the future of glitch-hop with the likes of Freddy Todd, Shadow Attack, Jaws That Bite,, Profresher… and the list just goes on.  Download the amazing compilation from Bandcamp for free!

Throw them some love on their website, Facebook, and Soundcloud.


Your thoughts?

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