SINGLE // Jessie Ware :: Running ((Disclosure Remix))

There hasn’t been a single Disclosure song to date that failed to raise an eyebrow with us.  At this rate, it would be baffling for the English duo to NOT blow up in a huge way, as we are enjoying the view while these build on the UK Garage tradition of sensual vocal sampling and percussion complexities that make it dubstep’s cool cousin.

Jessie Ware :: Running ((Disclosure Remix))

You may have heard the name Jessie Ware as associated with either Joker or with SBTRKT, her label-mate and occasional collaborator.  Comparisons have been made to Sade, and that is fair to say about “Running” but it’s clear on other tracks she’s got some early 90’s Jock Jams power behind that voice.

Here’s the original track from Jessie Ware:

YOU MUST — we really insist — check out Disclosure’s Facebook page and grab a freebie of their stellar EP.  If you really don’t believe us, check out a few of the tracks below: “I Love… That You Know” and “My Intention Is War” are our top picks.


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