FEATURE // Bedrockk :: Get Born

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Bedrockk‘s “Get Born” is an exciting development in the Denver scene, the duo of Dave Marquess and Phil Swain who are creating new possibilites for the bass scene.  We sense a hint of Southern rock thrown into the lush “Streets Are Shinin'” and “Fuzzy Things,” which both sound like Tom Petty’s ketamine nightmare, or at least smoking a jeffrey with him before petting said fuzzy things.

“Sexual Purring” is a slightly different example of this alt-country crooning mixed into a growling, downsampled world.  This is proving to be a great concept; we demand further exploration of this sound.  “Bounce” actually comes within a fair swing of old-school dubstep, and the vocals work well within it.  Neither vocal or production style is exactly innovative, but props go to Bedrockk for taking it upon themselves to cross that line between computer and microphone.

Bedrockk pre-released the tracks “Plush Sky Dreamin'” and “Kitty on a Plane” when label DIRTY // CLEAN first launched around a month ago, and they showcase a strong producer’s ear clearly influenced by the “purple” sound (the latter sounds just like a MartyParty track).  “Plush Sky Dreamin'” is actually a pretty stellar popstep track with a pretty stellar bass hook.

We could go on about the duo as great producers who clearly draw a lot of influence from the “purple” sound, or as versatile instrumentalists/vocalists who sound like fans of easygoing Boombox jams (and if that’s one of them rapping on “Eclipse Philosophy,” that really puts the icing on the cake).  Really, you should listen and decide for yourself.  There’s a little something for everyone here.

Follow Bedrockk on Facebook and Soundcloud, and show DIRTY // CLEAN  little love while you’re at it!


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