UFO.EVENTS // Presents Zoogma and Eminence Ensemble Trio @ Fox Theatre 2.23.12

We couldn’t be much happier that Zoogma is coming back to town.  The conditions are just right for a massive coup: there’s a huge resurgence of jamtronica in Boulder, and with up-and-comers like SunSquabiTechnicolor Tone Factory, and of course, Eminence Ensemble, making it cool again to jam out on a guitar, this might be one of many big grassroots jamtronica shows we’ll see in the coming years.

Working with the Colorado Daily, will be presenting Thursday’s show at The Fox Theatre… and we want you there!! We will be giving away several pairs of tickets, so check in on our Facebook Page over the next week and enter to win!!

We’re not trying to paint some idyllic portrait of a pre-dubstep world here, but… do you remember what Boulder was like before dubstep whitewashed everything in sight?  That time when bands and laptops first signed an uneasy truce, when live percussion was always a given and solos were still an acceptable means of musical communication?

Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t.  Some of you would insist that never disappeared.  But Zoogma is bringing those wide-eyed days back for us, and in their music we hear the same thing that captivated us at our first String Cheese Incident/Phish/STS9/Umphrey’s McGee/Lotus show.  The quartet is all about making that big jamtronica sound, keeping it seamless, and exploring lots of melodic texture.

You can definitely hear it in “Ayers Rock,” a track we posted a few weeks back that depicts that kind of uplifting power rock trance that we can’t help but translate to a Red Rocks experience.  Then again, tracks like “M10” (posted in our very first playlist) prove that Zoogma understands how to put the fluffy, pretty stuff aside and just bro the hell out for a minute.

Eminence Ensemble fits right into this bill, and they are sure to give Zoogma an honest run for their money.  With a little more world influence and jazz-inspired turns in their music, they are paving their way to Snowball and are sitting at a new height of popularity.  What makes them even more dangerous are their reckless choices of covers: not sure what we can and can’t say about that, but expect the unexpected.


Your thoughts?

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