FEATURE // Dark Sky and The Boogaloo Crew

A profound moment of realization hit us this week when we discovered Dark Sky and The Boogaloo Crew were the same group (plus a new member).  Both make deep garage-y cuts that are full of cool (like Miles Davis cool, not “this song is really cool”), and it all makes sense in perfect 20/20 hindsight that the two are the same.  We’re not trying to make this sound like news, since “Dark Sky” has been at it for a little over two years and “The Boogaloo Crew” has sealed away their Soundcloud account.  Bear with us as we connect the dots and think out loud for a minute.

Dark Sky :: Zoom

Boogaloo Crew is a better name, but if the English trio is going to keep making chunky darkness like “Zoom,” the name change was for the best.  “Zoom” borders on big house sounds, and replacing the jangly percussion with a four-to-the-floor kick would make it just that.  Sooooo much better like this, don’t you think?  It gets pretty saucy around the 2:25 mark.

Dark Sky :: Standoff  ((download link))

This is an older track that’s up for download, a very mellow space-funky cut that definitely has that great English low-end.

Dark Sky :: Leave ((download link))

Again, we see handfuls of tasteful grooves and powerfully understated synths.  This one came as part of a Ninja Tune box set and represents the lighter shades of Dark Sky, or otherwise what we’d associate with The Boogaloo Crew.

DRT :: Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix) ((download link))

If we were going to make a case for the old Boogaloo sound, this is where I would start.  Yeah, it’s up there on the cheese factor, and that is exactly why I chose it as my unofficial graduation song.  It also convinced me that if Ratatat ever put down their guitars, they would make some crazily good garage tunes.

Boogaloo Crew :: All Green ((download link))

And this one is just a straight gem; if I were a boxer, this would totally be my entrance music.  It builds and builds and builds into a “come at me bro” kind of groove, into a flossy breakdown of mellow wobbles, then builds the hype straight back up.  Perfect execution.


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