PREVIEW // Lapalux :: “When You’re Gone” EP Sampler

Exciting news from the Brainfeeder camp today.  Just about any news from Brainfeeder is exciting to us, but not twelve hours after drooling over Lapalux’s Boiler Room mix, we get an email that Stuart Howard (Lapalux) just put out his first Brainfeeder release.  When You’re Gone is everything you’d expect from the beat scientist, with plenty of foggy synths and an exciting, live approach to glitch.

Brainfeeder probably says it best: Whether working with a singer like Py (on “Moments”), or deconstructing found samples and his own voice, Howard stretches, bends and warps sound to make soul – not plastic posturing but real emotion made of synthetic sound.

Check out the EP preview to see why Lapalux is a great addition to the Brainfeeder family.

Lapalux :: When You’re Gone EP Sampler

And to see said video we drooled over, check it out here!  Download this, and other Boiler Room podcasts — with Bonobo, Machinedrum, Richie Hawtin and more — free from iTunes.

BR#77 Lapalux from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.


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